Dukes go down fighting at Essex Redbacks.

Game 1

The Dukes were away in Essex, possibly the furthest away game of the season, which resulted in only 9 players making it to game day. With out a designated pitcher or catcher, the team were up for a challenge.

Manager Bill, was lead off hitter, and hit a deep drive early in the count to set the offensive tone (exhibiting dynamic base stealing against an excellent Essex catcher). Evan, who hit well all day picked up the first of several RBI's to get Bill home. Rich added another run and Drice picking up an RBI as The Dukes took a 2-0 lead. Essex answered with 5 runs and unfortunately Richmond ended the second with 3 LOB. Tom who volunteered to pitch and pitched the whole game kept the Essex scoring down to 1 in the following inning. Bill, Daniel and  Rich added more runs with RBI's from Rich, Evan and Drice to keep the score close at 5-6. Again Richmond had 3 LOB as Essex kept the runs ticking over. Well done to John for volunteering to catch, who looked like the busiest player of the day. In the end Essex took the win 13-5, but were made to work hard for it.

Starting line up: Bill Varon (SS), Daniel Kok (3B), Richard King (CF), Evan Bates (2B), Drice Hellal ( RF), Jared Thomas (LF), John Walmsley (C), Alex Freund (1B), Tom Smith (P)

Game 2

Again Bill was lead off and  scored the first run with an RBI from Rich, but runs became scarce as the Dukes were bamboozled by the Essex pitcher. Alex opened the pitching for the Dukes, taking her first K in a well disciplined performance, Drice was behind the plate. Essex added runs to increase their lead periodically as Richmond struggled at the plate until the final inning when the Duke's resilience shone through : Bill scored on another Rich RBI, Drice scored on a passed ball, Jared scored on a Tom RBI, Tom scored on an Alex RBI and Alex stole home, 5 runs scored as the Richmond rally was ended when time was called. Essex winning game 2 : 15-6.

The team showed great spirit and endeavour all afternoon despite the scorching heat and only 9 players, finished the day strongly,  Essex, in contrast, had 11 players listed on their bench !

Starting line up: Bill (SS), Daniel (3B), Rich (CF), Evan (2B), Drice (C), Jared (LF), John ( RF), Tom (1B), Alex (P)