Dukes continue winning ways with sweep of Herts Raptors in JP Pasterino's final game

Game 1.

Richmond Dukes hosted Herts Raptors at Flood Field on a chilly spring day. Leo Sakai-James opened the pitching and kept the Raptors first inning scoreless. The Dukes replied with 4 runs from JP Pasterino, Adolfo Yanes, Richard King and Luna McCann-Matsusaka with RBI's from Adolfo, Spencer Huet and Luna. The Raptors brought in one run in their next inning as Leo struck out two. Jared Thomas, Drice Hellal and JP added runs with RBI's from Drice, Adolfo and Spencer to give the Dukes a 7-1 lead. Adolfo made a speedy double play at CF to prevent Herts scoring, as Daniel Kok and Jared topped up the score to lead 9-1. Adolfo added a late run, as JP pitched the final inning, with another double play involving Evan Bates this time, as the Dukes ran out winners 10-3..

Starting line up: Leo Sakai-James (P), JP Pasterino (1B), Adolfo Yanes (CF), Spencer Huet (C), Richard King ( LF), Luna McCann-Matsusaka (SS), Daniel Kok (3B), Jared Thomas (RF), Drice Hellal (2B). Bench : Evan Bates, Alex Freund, Jon Gilks, Bill Varon (Manager)

Game 2

JP opened the pitching on his final appearance before returning home to the USA after many years of great service to Richmond baseball club. Herts started fast and took a 2-0 lead, the first time the Dukes have been behind this season. Richmond answered with an inning maximum 5 runs scored by Leo, JP, Spencer, Richard & Luna, both Richard and Luna with 2 RBI doubles each, the Dukes taking the lead 5-2. In the next inning debutante John scored, with Leo, JP, Spencer & Richard adding runs for another inning maximum 5 runs, Spencer with a 2 RBI double. Herts added a run to make the score 10-3. The offence scored yet another inning maximum 5 runs with runs scored by Daniel, Drice, Jared, Leo & JP. You know it's your day, when manager Bill comes in at first for the final inning and makes an unassisted triple play! Yes an unassisted triple play, snagging a pop up along the first base foul line for the first out, standing on first for the second out and legging it to third base for the third out as Herts lead runner went AWOL ( a result of not having base coaches present!). Dukes win 15-3  under the new time constraints ruling.

Starting Line up : Leo (LF), JP (P), Spencer (C), Richard (CF), Luna (SS), Jon (2B), Alex ( RF), Evan ( 1B), Daniel (3B). Bench : Drice, Jared, Bill.