Hall of Fame

Richmond Baseball Club have a long standing tradition of honoring past members for their achievements on and off the field. As the club was established in 1992, over the last two decades we have introduced 8 members into our Richmond Hall of Fame. 


CODY CAIn - #17

Pitcher - USA

Introduced into the Hall of Fame in 2019, Cody led the Knights to their third consecutive AAA Championship by picking up the Play Off MVP.

Cody was not only a formidable pitcher and great coach to all that played with him, but also a great ambassador all around for British Baseball.


GREG Blair - #89

SHORtstop/pitcher - Canada

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003, Greg joined Richmond 3 years prior and was brilliant in the lead-off spot. He led the team in Batting Average, Stolen Bases, on-base percentage and came through for the team as well on the mound. 


Scott Jackson - #52

Shortstop - Australia

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2002, Scott "Jacko" Jackson only played with the flames for 2 seasons, but his numbers were that of a career player. Jacko's incredible hitting, defensive and leadership abilities throughout his 2 years with the club  will always be remembered. Nearly getting the triple crown in 1999, Jacko Demolished many Flames's records in the short time he was here. 


Anthony De Vries - #40

Pitcher/Catcher - South AFrica

Anthony Devries played two seasons with the Flames and was an integral part of the Flames promotion winning seasons in 1999 and 2000. 

Recorded as one of the best ever pitchers for the flames, his 92 strike outs over two seasons awarded him with the Cy Young and MVP in 1999, followed by a Player's Player award in 2000. 


Gen Nakamura - #52

2b/Shortstop - Japan

Gen came to the flames for 2 years, but in 1995 he was the man with the golden glove. His amazing catches stymied the opposition and his speed/hitting as the lead-off batter creased runs like never seen before in the flames Line up. 

As a result, he won Gold Glove in 1995 for the Flames. 


Wayne Nash - #39

Catcher/Outfielder - GB

Wayne founded the flames in 1992 and started the organisation from scratch. As player/manager for the club for 8 years, he was awarded the 2000 Coach of the Year by the BBF.  

His took home the Managers Award for the Flames in 1996, 1998 and 1999. 


Steve Jarnet - #99

Catcher/Pitcher - GB

"Joey" joined Richmond as a 17 year old in 1993. Over the next 17 years he played 12 seasons with the club took home a Richmond record of 12 club & team awards. 

  • MVP - 1993,1994,1998,2000 - Flames

  • Cy Young - 1994, 1995,1998,2000 - Flames & Dragons

  • Gold Glove - 1993 - Flames

  • Batting Champion - 1995 - Flames

  • GM/Presidents Award - 2005


Nick Doddy

1b - GB

Inducted in 2002, Nick played 1 1/2 seasons with the Flames. He held his firstr base position with great confidence and always stood by his belief that nothing would get by him. 

He took home the Batting Champion in 1993 &1994 for the Flames 


Matt Johnstone - #21

Catcher/3b - USA

Inducted in 1993, Matt's love and passion for the game of baseball was very strong and he quickly took his American roots into the Flames organisation. 

He led by example and taught the Flames the finer parts of the game, benefiting the club massively in its early years.