Richmond Dragons victorious over the Kent Bucs

The Dragons recorded their first win of the season in a high scoring affair that saw 45 runs get posted in the 26-19 victory over the Kent Buccaneers.

With both the Dragons and the Bucs missing some key players, this was always going to be a test of depth for both teams. Lee Coster was given the start and made excellent work holding the the Buc’s to only 1 run in the 1st. The Dragons offense responded with an emphatic 7 runs that forced the Bucs to activate their bullpen and the Dragons held the lead the rest of the game.

Over the next 4 innings, thanks to some great offensive batting, both teams were able to post 10 runs and 13 runs in favour of the Dragons. The pick of the hits was Ali Briffett’s 3-run homer over the left field fence. Both teams were guilty at times of early season errors that helped keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Richmond's Ben Carter was brought to the mound at the top of the 6th to give Lee a well earned break and immediately posted a scoreless inning. This was backed up with the bat of Spencer Huet, who slammed a monster single that drove in two runs. With the score at 23-13, the Dragons were on course for a mercy rule finish to the game , but the Bucs fought back to keep the game alive.   Richmond showed cool heads to close out the game by limiting the Buc’s run chase and continued to build their own score with a 2 RBI double from Ben Carter in the 8th. 

The winning numbers:

23-14: Richmond hits to Bucs

6-5-4: RBIs from Ben Carter, Alistair Briffett and Rob Giesler

2/9: Number of pitchers over the 9 innings

0.451: Dragons batting average in the game
0: number of Dragons without a hit.