Richmond Baseball 2018 Awards Night

The Annual Richmond Baseball Awards night got underway on Saturday at Passyunk Avenue in London to celebrate another successful year at Richmond Baseball. The Philadelphia styled outlet proved to be a great venue to toast the Richmond Knights 3rd consecutive AAA Championship and also acknowledge all the teams’ contributions on and off the field for the 2018 Season.

Thank you again to JP for securing the location and for everyone who took part and made 2018 such a great year at Richmond. Below are the Award winners per team and club wide awards.


CY Young – Leo/JP

Batting Champion – Adolfo/JP

MVP – Adolfo

Players Player – Dean Coupar

Managers Award – Drice

Gold Glove – Nick Ferrier



Gold Glove – Gaston Farina

Players Player – Alvin Micheals

Mangers Choice – Dave “Bang” Wrigley

MVP – Bennie Van Heerden

Cy Young  - Kenshin Abe

Batting Champion - Paul Tiley



Gold Glove – Sam Hofbeck

Managers Award – Jefferson

Batting Champion – Ben Carter

Cy Young – Per Nilsson Eklof

Players Player – Spencer Huet

MVP – Sam Hofbeck


Gold Glove – Danny Wills

Cy Young – John Kristensen

Batting Champion – Nathan Dix

Playoff MVP – Cody Cain

Season MVP – Nathan Dix



Most Improved – Mikey Jimenez

Rookie of the Year – Luna

Connare Award – Bill Varon