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Manager - Bill Varon #50

In his second year managing and the Dukes, Bill helped assist Richmond's new expansion team the "Barons" last year, finishing with a 7-14 record.

In his first season back playing competitvely, Bill hit .421 with 7 RBI's in 19 AB's. 


Asst. Manager- JP Pasterino #17

Continuing where he left off last year, JP will help run the Dukes in the Single A League of the BBF. 

Dukes are currently our foundation team so if you are new to the sport and interested in joining, feel free to inquire and sign up!


The Richmond Dukes were formed in 2012 in response to the growing number of rookie players recruited into the club. Initially created as a development team for players new to the sport, the Dukes developed quickly as players and as a team and won the Single A National Title in 2013.

The Dukes play in the Single-A division and offer competitive baseball to players relatively new to the sport.

2019 Roster