Parent/Guardian Permission Form

This form is designed to be completed by the parent or legal guardian of any player under the age of 18, it will give permission for them to take part in Baseball/Softball Activities. Anything written on this form will be held in confidence.

This form will cover your son or daughter for all the activities during the Summer Youth Camp held at Richmond Baseball Club.


Safe Guarding Advice Tips

It is extremely important that permission should be obtained from parents, guardians or carers of any young person under the age of 18 years who is wishing to join a club or team of adults, or people over 18 years of age.

Both the club or team, and the parents, guardians and carers have a right and a responsibility to make sure that children within their care are safe at all times.

A Good Club should have the below:

Have a trained Child (Club) Safeguarding Officer.

Have adopted the BSUK Safeguarding Policy or have its own Child Protection Policy.

Ensure that and volunteers or coaches that work with young people have been suitably checked ie DBS Disclosure

Have a written code of conduct for team officials working with young people.

Have qualified coaches.

Have adopted the BSUK Equality Policy.

Have a complaints procedure.

Welcome any questions a parent, guardian or carer may wish to ask about the club or team.

Will have achieved or be attempting BSUK Club Accreditation.

Parents, guardian’s and carers should have concern if a club or team:

Discourages them from watching or becoming involved.

Encourages rough play, humiliating punishments or sexual innuendo

Do not follow the rules of baseball or softball.

Encourage favouritism, personal reward or inappropriate physical contact.

Have poor communications with parents, guardian’s or carers.

Have their young person drop out for no apparent reason.


The safety of our children and young people is of paramount importance to Richmond Baseball & BSUK and any further information can be obtained from the Richmond’s Safeguarding Officer Euan Sheilds at


Child's Name *
Child's Name
Parent / Guardian Name
Parent / Guardian Name
Parent / Guardian Address *
Parent / Guardian Address
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
In the event of an incident or emergency situation, where a parent or legal guardian named above cannot be contacted, please provide details of an alternative adult who can be contacted by the club. Please make this person aware that his or her details have been provided as a contact for the club.
Does your child suffer from any medical conditions/allergies that the club/ coach should be aware of (including any current medication)
Has your child played Baseball or Softball before?
If so, Where have they played?
Content Statement from Parent / Guardian *
I confirm that to the best of my knowledge all information provided on this form is accurate and that I will undertake to advise the club of any changes to this information. I agree to the child named above taking part in the activities of the club
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