Richmond Baseball Club

Full Club membership costs £60 and covers the whole 2019 training season. 


Below you will find 3 different options to go through. If you have not attended any of our training’s during the 2019 Season and are interested in attending one, please go to the New Members section. Here we will ask for some contact information and will then be in contact to explain a little more about how the club works and invite you down to one of our training’s.

If you are joining before April 1st 2019 and have attended at least 2 of our training sessions in the past, please click the 2019 Members Registration to register your self as member of the Club. Please note, you will also need to go through our 2019 Roster Fee’s to pay the £60 fee to train the entire season with the Club.

If you have attended more then 2 training sessions and are joining after the midway point (July 1st), we now offer a reduced Membership at £30. Please see the Mid Year / Reduced Payment Section below for more details. You will need to sign up as a 2019 Member & can pay the fee through here.

Current Members

To sign up and train with us for the 2019 Season, please click the link below.

2019 Members Registration

To pay your 2019 Membership & Active Roster Fee, which allows you to train and be eligible to be picked for a Richmond team, please click below

2019 Roster & Membership Fee's


New Members

Richmond Baseball Club has a long standing tradition of always being open to new members.

As we can offer baseball across three of British Baseball Federation’s four divisions, we have members of all abilities; from seasoned veterans to complete beginners.

If you would like to find out more, please click the below!

Join the Club

Mid Year / Reduced Payment

If you are joining the club after the midway point of the season (July 1st), we offer a reduced Membership at £30 which covers all the Wednesday training’s for the remainder of the season. We ask you to please still register as a 2019 Member by clicking here, and you can make your payment through Go Cardless link below, or pay at the container at one of our training’s.

Reduced Payment Fee - £30

2019 Members Registration